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Things come evolution reveal the "heaven and earth and never" yu

The state game the whole heart makes domestic first level true 3 D CG swims the runoff heaven and earth ", with beautiful pictures and game interest is very game play, for players showed a real from time unrecorded, while at the same time fully for players feel the game brought through feeling.

I believe that many of the game for the game players companions pet, partners are all card, and the runoff heaven and earth "the yuan god also sold the appearance of lovely come with a lot of players of all ages. Although the game yuan god come to sell appearance, in fact as long as the players elaborate maintenance, yuan god in battle is not heeling paranoia.

Primary heeling

In the heaven and earth and never ", the player the yuan early when god and can't get too high to enhance the ability or bonuses, but also don't ignore yuan the role of god. When the player with strong competitors in the fray, yuan god will also according to oneself of the different levels of professional provide different degree and the way to help.

Heeling performance

In the heaven and earth and definitely, "yuan god's skills is to players a challenge. Yuan god's skills by skill books for feeding the way god study corresponding $skills. And yuan god's active skills points of the Lord FengWu, give priority to treatment of damage LongXiang and Lord control and the control of the day three categories.

Heeling advanced

In the heaven and earth and definitely, "yuan of growth and players for god professional practice are closely related, but with vocational different is god in addition to the ascension of $experience outside and the growth of the star. And god of the star's ascension will yuan by yuan god fusion to create new yuan god, but god yuan risks fusion, so players in the choice of yuan of the fusion of god when still need to prepare.

"Heaven and earth and never"

In 2011 China myth that the peak work tera gold, permeate an ancient xuan day eight very verve and essence, elegant unsurpassed picture the scene of god the seed of life, fighting regional scenery. In ten thousand the world that touch, which reiki heaven and earth, I never boils, 2011 new nearly through the earth and heaven buy tera gold never "was present to you!

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China's "5-0-LiHang than promotion jinlong 5-4 into the race out

Searle refresh with 139 points than single stem list, 5-0 LiHang sweep, strong progress to the last 16 for a DingJunHui and walter ralston's winner. At the same time the last two games on the Chinese youngster ZhouYueLong wild 0-5 be Wallace Claude sweep, black players after winning against higgins, will be in the first round. And JinLongZe lay in AoBuLaiEn or pair, is "the first round of his left hand, will meet gold.

LiHang 0-5 than salmon

Last year China's open than scored the final, final defeat to LuM prachanda and runner-up, behind. But after half a year of the Shanghai masters, he finally won the second champions league career, which exploded on the world first place. More than a month, "leicester clown" continue to maintain a very high competitive state, the first two stood ranking had won respectively a second and a semi-final, further consolidate its position in the world.

Hold the Chinese youngster lee wild in yesterday's wildcard round 5-3 defeat "assassins" holt, today, however, can't hold the wheel of the world. The game in the first inning LiHangBen have good opportunities in the 31-60 behind again begin, but continuous attack to the final ball of the powder for 49-60 after when error, nasser scored powder than ball 1-0 lead. Second, Selma than single stem 82 points, LiHang so 0-2 behind.

The third inning is stalemate, changed several times after 43-a 23, LiHang lag behind. Both parties around the last a red ball security ball on wars, LiHang once very well, than the ball's leaks out bag in solution, although Angle very big, LiHang firmly into the ball thin, and then continue to do the snooker. In Taiwan's saga than far scored yellow ball, and with 52-then the next city, 3-0 LiHang lead.

Then the fourth, LiHangZhun degrees did not get better, spelling error after the ball's single bar than the 139 clear, refresh single stem list also to 4-0 to match point.

Facing crisis after the break LiHang increase attack power, he takes the lead in the fifth inning, the ball, but even for 38 minutes to strike the ball can't successful combination. Searle against Angle than the red ball to score after the initiative, a single stem 63 points to the last attack a red ball defense, LiHang first solution was sent the ball mistakes four points, the second solution escaping ball ball, nasser had the LiHang than after losing the 0-five outs, nasser strong promotion than 16 strong in the second round will be against DingJunHui and walter ralston's winner.

Jinlong 5-4 AoBuLaiEn

Earlier this month the haikou world open ended, the wildcard entry of the wild 5-3 jinlong victory over baird, and in the race to 5-1 first shock after DingJunHui beat, and for the first time have scored 16 of the, the final 2-5 loss at mill and stopped.

Less than a month after the battle again wild jinlong, against the world ranking of 30 th AoBuLaiEn. Qualifying AoBuLaiEn 5-4 beat China has to qualify after li yan. The game to keep a certain jinlong momentum, first inning he soon get 60-0 lead. AoBuLaiEn trying to chase points can't succeed, jinlong and scored the first swept innings.

The second inning on even the jinlong attack, but single stem after 41 points interrupt, AoBuLaiEn several times to 1-1 at success will be for 1-1 draw. Then the third inning AoBuLaiEn boom single stem 70 points, a 2-1 lead him. But the fourth jinlong to regain control of the rhythm, the first four innings 2-2 both parties to a draw.

Then jinlong leading twice but are AoBuLaiEn tied, war to 4-4 flat after the race for both parties have to enter or pair. The two sides are very cautious or pair, AoBuLaiEn two forced jinlong surrender opportunity, the second began after he hit single stem 52 points. Jinlong at 0-53 trailing on when pursued, stability play in a single firm firm 65 distinguish a victory over the pole opponent, JiHai world open mouth again after having a wild wheel, the race is the first round opponent jinlong Williams.

ZhouYueLong 0-5 Wallace Claude MaKuiEr 5-1 Hawkins

Only 14 of the sichuan teenager in the early ZhouYueLong haikou world open the international "at first wild, at that time and Jimmy Robertson's for him in a 2-0 deficit even when the next two city 2-2 will draw opponent, the opponent and 4-2 after the match point to play a stroke 69 points, but eventually failed to save the series, with 2-5 end have the first show.

With the black golfers battle ZhouYueLong although the step Claude performance stubborn, but after all, a disparity between, Wallace Claude even four city under a badge to 4-0 straight take 5-3.

HouZhou break step dragon state did not get better, in the fifth inning, Wallace Claude soon break line, a pole made after 32 points on defense. ZhouYueLong scored 7 points once again hand over the situation, Wallace Claude will score expanded to 45-7. Once a chance to ZhouYueLong after pulled a city, but a single stem 38 points 45-45 after the draw with error,make wow gold Wallace Claude and so on aggregate after a comprehensive 5-0 win over and qualify for the first round will be against higgins.

In another game, MaKuiEr 5-1 win over Hawkins,outdoor sporting goods promotion and strong against mark-Alan and Walton winner.

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All the le le 3 D online "hunting blade" family fun construction

All the lele "hunting blade" family fun construction

On March 30 domestic 3 D action whenever the king "hunting blade" hemorrhagic demo! The open beta will become communal action carnival feast! The omnipresent PK battle, the whole people to participate in an group war broke the measures, such as bloody fighting arena cruel competitive play let you enjoy blood spray a combat experience pleasure. Not only that, like a family task to make money, farms, and steal food monsters "PK disorderly war such darts leisure play also make you happy!

Family make contribution to the task and reward

As a member of the family, in addition to members of the family and together with copy of challenges, and can make family task earn double reward. Finish the task not only can get the family after rich quest reward, still can make contribution to the family ascension family level. The higher the level of family, family members get the more benefits.

A family farm production breeding monsters busy

Family members except for providing benefits tasks outside, still have a special open up family's farm let you a joy. You can produce all kinds of minerals, breeding insects, planting herbs. When you work hard on the farm, all kinds of the damned monster will suddenly appeared in the country of the damage to your work achievement, you need to get rid of them to continue to produce.

Stealing food resources plunder murder two not mistake

Used for family of all kinds of resources construction, in addition to their production breeding outside, still can directly to other family farm to steal. But you have to pay attention to safety, if were kept researchers found that, will the violent war oh. In addition to directly into the farm steal resources outside, still can put away halfway. When other family resources car passing shot when, you can kill people rushed out and shot, and shot the resources of the wow gold car will be fully subscribed.

Above these interesting family play will let you tor chocolate-making? In addition to these, the open beta more so hard competitive play, multiple games sent activities, mass hao ritual reward wave to you. Please lock on March 30 domestic 3 D action online buy wow gold"hunting blade" hemorrhagic demo! We meet!

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The tennis match is not set up in the evening will be closed or

London Olympic Games is less than the time of half an year, the international tennis association, vice President Juan Margets said London Olympic Games will not set up an evening game, but the evening will see a circumstance to decide whether to close the central stadium roof.

"Then there won't be an evening game, only some game will enter the night time." The international tennis association executive vice President Juan Margets said. According to this, because of the tight schedule, the use of lamplight is a necessary measures. In the early stages of the game, every day there will be five games are arranged into the stadium. Kick-off time is at 11:30. This means that some race will be in the dusk. If encountered this kind of situation, the central stadium lights will open, roof will be closed. The changes would shift by referee according to the specific circumstances to act accordingly.

Britain the variable weather also have may make the game postponed until night. "We also have to consider the factors of rain." Margets said. But, the Beijing Olympic Games and will not be the same. In 2008, the tennis match because rainfall and be completely had disrupted. Have a game or even making the next day morning leader, but for wimbledon local decree banning game more than 11:00 at night. Margets affirmation of say: "the games have a hard and fast rules, that is if game in 11 PM is not over, will be postponed to the next day to continue. Also, the game won't be in after 9:00 p.m. start."

The central stadium roof of draw in 2009 was build, when he played the role because rainfall and. Last year in the first week of wimbledon game roofs, because rain and closed. 2004 wimbledon champion maria sharapova was in the year 2011 and under the roof make wow gold won a game, after the game she said: "it's a little strange. Voice be different than the completely. The roof of the open,outdoor sporting goods you can be more clearly heard voices. Shot in the pasture and tennis the bounce all become very different sound." Even so, she for under a light or compare to adapt to the game and satisfaction: "why not? I mean this to the game won't be late."

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The three soul battle "with the" god led players worship

The giant network first 2 vN with war 3 D online was blowing the three battle soul "pu testing is hot in progress! In order to let more players to experience more abundant enthusiasm of game content and fun to play, the official, the test time will be extended to April, the message immediately drew a shout numerous players constantly! The "blockbuster welfare" is either to experience the soul three battle of loyal players or is about to enter the world of three new players, is a worthy of exciting news! Players can not only go to the dungeons, against luxuriant BOSS, gained ground rare equipment, but also through the set, synthesis, strengthening, such as creating beautiful engraved way god pack! New copies, characteristic map, giant BOSS, passion battle... ... Historical battlefield is open, let you return to the supplier of the whole time, feeling of his own three acme experience!

Whether the necklace of magnificent, delicate rings or the mellow wek-jin, body wear colorful accessories of The Three Kingdoms can not only greatly enhance their own mighty ability, still appear the butterflies; Whether heavy armor, ambition leather armor or elegant cloth armour, dressed in natural and graceful li of outfit three mighty men can not only increase their own defense, also revealed that special moment temperament; Whether fan blade gun ji, or the sword shield hammer sickle axe, carrying soldiers absolutely and special skills of the three mighty men everywhere he went to the object of attention! They battle fought fergie, courageous, hand waving in the enemy's weapon between fall away. No wonder every three heroes wants to be the owns a collection of beautiful and luxuriant and defense damage to a world with our god, become a battlefield within earshot of the top; let enemy warriors! True 3 D online battle "three battle soul" pu test is continuing, now let us together, to make the god rushed three pack, become the object of worship all!!!!

They put god are hidden in the most dangerous place, "three battle soul" each big copies, dungeons, world BOSS became the first game of three mighty men of land. So The Three Kingdoms hero wider and wider, party ally on, oath to beat won Nemesis god pack! At that time, the Tibetan soldiers watch a hole, Taiwan, the general mound, GanLouSi, copper sparrow, Taiwan, ice JingTai, tiger sets ablaze instanced dungeons four, adventurous continuously, and at the same time, high quality with god in also in succession, let countless men called three big enjoyable!

The cloud "spare the rod and spoil the child", three mighty men after all risks get "diamond in god is installed" also needs after continuous grinding can ride off, highlight magic. Wei, shu and WuSanDa urban skillful craftsman enumerate, warriors might as well go fishing for it. After Mosaic, engraved, strengthen and synthesis of such a list of carve is infinite soldiers absolutely not only, still can send out infinite light, be supposed gourmet god pack!

God put the body QiYu, cookware, monster beast enemy soldiers can't draw near; Soldiers absolutely in the hands, is infinite, total annihilation not dream!!!!! Whether ZhongYe blame, copy against mountain Nemesis, or do the enemy, the top BOSS, have supernatural god of The Three Kingdoms with mighty men like a sending out layers of make wow gold murderous look sharp straight into the enemy heart, dozen enemy unprepared, become firmly intact crazy fierce warrior!

First 2 vN with swim was blowing the three battle soul "pu tera gold testing is hot on, more wonderful content are looking forward to your participation!

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